New to Online Bingo?

Even if you are a regular player at your local bingo hall you might find the idea of playing online a little difficult. In reality it is very easy to get started playing on the Internet and once you do you might not want to go back to the bingo halls. Below we have a step by step guide to getting started with online bingo.

1. Choose a Bingo Site

Your first step into the world of online bingo is to choose where to play. You are in the right place as we list and review the best UK bingo sites. You might like to try a few sites to see which ones you like the best. Check out the Top Rated Sites for our recommended list of the best sites in the UK.

2. Visit The Bingo Site

Once you have selected a site we suggest visiting their website and having a look around. You can find out a lot of information as well a check out any special offers or new promotions. All sites we list also have a help section where you can learn about the bingo site. If you have any questions you can also contact the support staff.

3. Set up the Software

There are two types of online bingo software. Download and no download. As the names indicate the first you have to download software before you can play and the second requires no download to get started. If you have to download software simply follow the prompts to get the software installed and ready to go.

4. Open an Account

Before you play at a no download bingo site or after you have installed the bingo software you need to open an account. Enter you details such as name and address and follow the prompts to continue.

5. Make a Deposit

To play you are going to need money in your account. To add funds you need to go to the banking section of the bingo software. here you will find a range of deposit and withdrawal options. Choose your preferred deposit method, enter your details and the amount you want to deposit and follow the prompts. You will then get a transaction competed message.

6. Buy Bingo Cards

Now that you have money in your account you are ready to buy bingo cards. Again this varies from site to site but in general look for the But Cards link in the software. You can then choose how many cards to buy and what value the cards will be.

7. Play!

Once you have your bingo cards you are ready to play. All software types have an auto daub feature so you don't have to worry about marking off your numbers. While you play you can chat with other players and in some cases you can also play other games such as slot machines or video poker games.