How to Play Bingo

The great thing about Bingo is the fact that is is very easy to learn how to play. Unlike other casino style games where strategy is involved playing bingo is very simple. This guide covers how to play online which does have a lot of similarities to playing in your local bingo hall.

1. Buy Cards

Your first step is to buy bingo cards. You can always buy more than one card and can often buy cards in advance for future draws. The price of the card will depend on where you are playing and the particular game you have entered. Card priced online vary but most sites start a 5p.

If you are playing 90 ball bingo you can buy a strip which means you get six tickets which have each of the 90 numbers appearing once. A strip ticket guarantees that you will get to mark of a number somewhere on every call.

Step 2. The Draw

Once you have your cards you are ready to play. The numbers will be drawn and called. You then look for that number on your card and mark it off. Online you will find that all bingo sites have an Auto Daub feature so your numbers will be automatically marked off as they are drawn.

This auto daub feature means that you can chat with friends while you play as you will never miss out on a win by forgetting to mark off a number. This is a big advantage of online bingo compared to playing offline. If you have multiple tickets in a game they will also be automatically marked off as you go.

Step 3. Bingo

If you are the first player match the correct numbers in the correct pattern you win the current prize. Online you do not have to yell bingo as the software will automatically register that you have won. All online bingo sites have special jackpot games where you win a bigger prize if you reach the correct pattern in under a set amount of balls.