Top Bingo Sites in the UK

With hundreds of bingo sites operating online you might be a little bit unsure of where to play. Here at UK Online Bingo Player we list the UK's leading sites to give you the best of Internet Bingo. If you've never played we also give you all of the information you need to get started playing and yelling bingo from home.

Bingo Guide

Bingo is a popular lottery style game played around the world with origins dating back to the 1500's. The aim of the game is to match the numbers called out with the numbers on your card. The first player to get all correct numbers wins. Today there are two main variations, 75 ball bingo which is played in the USA and 90 ball bingo which is popular in the UK.

The latest development in the bingo world is online bingo. Now you can play whenever you feel like it without the need to go to a bingo hall. This means if you want to play just one or two games you can have instant access. With millions of players playing online you will also find that there is always something going on from a big promotion to special jackpots.

Types of Bingo Games

There are two main types of bingo games - 75 Ball and 90 Ball. While there are some obvious differences the games are still very similar. Many online bingo sites offer both game types so you can see which style you like the best. It's worth noting that no matter how many balls or numbers are in play the odds of winning do not change as you are playing against other players.

90 Ball Games

The game found at all bingo halls in the UK, 90 ball bingo uses tickets made up of thee rows and nine columns. Each row has five numbers on it and four blanks. The numbers are distributed in the rows with each row containing numbers from a possible ten. For example row one contains numbers between 1 and 9, row two contains numbers between 10 and 19 and so on.

With 15 numbers on each ticket players can also play a Strip which is 6 tickets making up all 90 numbers. When playing a strip ticket you are guaranteed to be able to mark of a number for every ball drawn as you have all 90 numbers on your six tickets.

There are three types of winning combinations on 90 ball bingo tickets. These are one line, two lines and a full house. As the names suggest, one line covers one horizontal line, two lines covers two and the full house covers all three lines.

75 Ball Games

Most popular in the US, 75 Ball Bingo is slightly different to the UK game. The first difference is the tickets which have the word bingo across the top and a 5x5 grid. The middle square is always a free spot. The numbers are distributed in columns with 5 out of a possible 15 numbers in each. For example the B column will have five numbers out of 1 to 15, the I column will have five numbers out of 16 to 30 and so on.

There are many different ways to win with 75 ball bingo as the cards have patterns on them. There are lots of different patterns that are used. The middle square as seen on the blank card below is always blank and is considered filled. This means that for many patterns you and the other players start of with one spot of the pattern complete.

Which Game Should you Play?

Now that you know about the different types of bingo, which type is better to play. The answer is the one you like better. While you might think that the odds of winning are lower when playing 90 ball bingo compared to 75 ball the odds stay the same. This is because all players have the same chance of matching the numbers.